Welcome to The Dementia Guide

Welcome to The Dementia Guide

Welcome to The Dementia GuideWelcome to The Dementia GuideWelcome to The Dementia Guide

If your loved one has dementia or any other type of care need, we can help.  We’ll be your guiding hand.



Need To Know Where To Go Or What To Do Next?

Whether you are well versed in elder care, or like most folks, know nothing at all, we will provide whatever level of assistance and education you need at this point.  We are prepared to give you either quick options, or start at the beginning in educating you on all aspects of senior care.


Experts In Older Adult Transitions

We offer  advice  for any needs with the transition to  supportive  living.  From the  best  retirement  communities,  Elder Law referrals, Occupational  Therapy  options,  or  the most  reliable  movers,  we can  guide  you.  Click  to  see  a  list  of  all  the  ways  we  can  assist.

Give To “The Wander Project”

We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.  If  you  would  like  to  give  to  a  501c3  with  a  program  to  help  prevent  wandering  visit  www.operationgroundhug.org

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About Us

Why We Want To Help You

Leaders of The Dementia Guide have spent much of their lifetime in the care and advocacy of the elderly.  We  have   a special focus on Veterans and their spouses, and those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease as well other forms of dementia. 

Our Qualifications

The Dementia Guide team members have Certifications in Gerontology and Dementia Care, extended education in patient advocacy, as well as first hand experience with their own family members who have needed care.

A Team Approach

Do not attempt this trek alone. Let The Dementia Guide help you every step of the way in seeking care for your loved one. If your person requires total memory care , or has no memory problems and just need help managing their medications or desire companionship, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all the existing resources. And there are plenty. The average person will pull their hair out while trying to figure out the best options on their own. It takes a village to navigate all of the choices that are available, and that is why The Dementia Guide is your necessary partner.